Sleep is essential for health and wellbeing, serving to repair and recharge your body. A bad night’s sleep can leave you lacking in energy and have difficulties concentrating, while longer-term sleep deficiency can have a serious impact on physical and emotional wellbeing.

In conjunction with SleepScore Labs™, IFF carried out more than 130 separate scientific studies analysing over a million hours of sleep data from 4,000 individuals in their homes, which led to identifying a variety of scent combinations to promote better sleep quality known as Metasleep. The exploration into the connection between scent and sleep quality has yielded promising results, indicating that specific scent combinations have demonstrated benefits on sleep quality.

In 2023 IFF in partnership with SleepScope Labs™ and Mattress Firm launched a breakthrough product, Sleepy’s® Scented Pillow Inserts, which was created to promote better sleep. This innovation uses scent technology by embedding carefully selected fragrances into pillow inserts which are sustainably made, mostly from repurposed cotton. These inserts, placed between the pillow and pillowcase, release gentle aromas designed to promote a restful night’s sleep.

Studies have shown that 80% of people who used the Sleepy’s® Scented Pillow Inserts, said their sleep improved and 79% felt the benefits from night one. Users experienced less wakefulness and fewer disruptions throughout the night, contributing to an overall better quality of sleep. This offers a promising avenue for improving sleep quality and, by extension, enhancing overall health and wellbeing through the power of scent.

Case Studies